Olfabrand Inhale/Exhale

Art direction / Concept Development & Design / Set Design / Production



This campaign was inspired in those unimaginable places where we would like to rest, those “aesthetic renders” that we see on Instagram while we scroll trying to get away from our reality, that’s what OLFABRAND wanted to convey with this products.


For this campaign we designed two places, we created universes where this products could exist and where our target audience could feel like they had pleasant and relaxing body sensations, specially with the sense of smell.

We created different actual size sets with our hands, different materials to bring out the characteristic of each product and we even designed a bathroom so we could provide the brand and their products with their own utopian relaxing space and by doing this we were able to communicate this same sensation to the target audience of the campaign.


DISCIPLINES: Art direction / Concept Development & Design / Set Design / Production

CONCEPT & ART DIRECTION: Daniela Castiblanco

SET DESIGN: Daniela Castiblanco and Daniela Alvarado


YEAR: 2020