Art direction / Concept development / Production



Art direction, and production for OLFABRAND. They wanted to create a universe of luxury and sophistication, that is why we focused the attention on the sensorial properties of its products. 


Olfabrand desires to immerse us in different universes with its products and rituals, that’s why we created a manifesto that evokes the act of gifting that special moment that we need the most to be with ourselves. 


It’s time to take a breath,

To turn off every channel so we can tune in with ourselves,

To change the news for really good news,

To turn the noise into music,

To silence every alert and only answer the important messages: those from our loved ones.

It’s time to begin to change the environment and gift, and gift ourselves, what we need the most: A New Air.

 Gift a new breath full of life.

Gift an atmosphere to dream sweet dreams.

Gift inspiration to inhale and exhale love.

Gift a special space to reencounter.

Gift Olfabrand.

Visually, it was really important to explore the concept that we have of Christmas: how do we use elements, textures, and materials that portray Christmas in the Olfabrand style?

We found the answer by bringing reflective materials into the set that, combined with contrasting light and different transparencies, gave all the attention to the product. We set up a Christmas feast full of experiences.


These are the two universes that coexist within the proposal: the gold shows luxury and celebration, while the green shows a more natural and calm side that highlights the vegan product line. We used framings and visual tensions that gave dynamism to the image, and strategic tensions for the product presentation.


DISCIPLINES: Art direction / Concept development / Production

ART DIRECTION: Daniela Castiblanco - Daniela Alvarado


YEAR: 2020