Identity Design / Concept Development / Photography / Art Direction



Identity design, art direction, and photography for Nuaqui, a new plant-based brand born in Colombia that seeks to change the way we relate with cruelty-free and conscious food.


Nuaqui is a brand created by two food engineers that wanted to show another way to eat healthy and plant-based, so by investigating and navigating through different native Colombian foods such as quinoa, beans, lentils, and many more, they have created numerous combinations that provide great nutritional benefits and, at the same time, look for changing the mindset about healthy and vegetarian food.

We knew it would be a challenge when they approached us with the desire of looking different from other products on the same market, so the creative process started by creating the brand’s DNA to discover the basic components to build the communication pillars on which we would outline the new brand. We started from there so we could pick the elements that we would definitely didn’t want to do over such as color, photography type, and, even more important, the concept behind the brands that would surround and coexist with Nuaqui.

We wanted to achieve that eating healthy and cruelty-free would look fun, striking, and appealing, so we took typography as a base to design the logotype, aiming to organic but heavy-weighted features that stated a presence wherever it may be, contrasting with a color palette that isn’t commonly found on its category. Therefore, photography intervention was very important for identity development: a color system and a few icons that show me different and easy ways to enjoy my food, pictures with vibrant colors, and fun ideas that inspire me to take a risk with my plates. The art direction was focused on giving a different face to veggie food, one that was more appetizing, funnier, and, above all, inspiring.


DISCIPLINES: Identity Design / Concept Development / Photography / Art Direction



FOOD STYLING: Daniela Álvarez

MOTION: Lucía Méndez

YEAR: 2022