Mario Hernández

Art direction / Concept development / Production

Art direction, and production for Mario Hernández, an important fashion brand from Colombia. MH has been recognized for its products’ quality.


Mario Hernández is a refined brand with impeccable design in its products. The intention for this photographic campaign was to reach a union between sophistication and artisan work. In this collection called Azulejo, we wanted to create scenarios that exalted the beauty of the products. 

We built structures with the shape of an altar that put the main focus on the bags.

We emphasized on the combination of textures and chose the colors to bring each bag to light. The texture of the handmade tiles reflected the work of the craftsman and highlighted the manual making of each bag, a trait that makes them unique.


DISCIPLINES: Art direction / Concept development / Production

ART DIRECTION: Daniela Castiblanco - Daniela Alvarado


YEAR: 2020