Germán Morales

Brand Identity / Concept development / Illustration 

Rebrand for the company Germán Morales, a hotel operator with more than fifty years of experience. Its footprint in the hotel industry inspires through its discipline and consciousness involved in every construction process. This core value guides the spirit of this brand that is facing the current era with cleverness and freshness, showing off its great journey and experience.


The construction of the identity was based on the geometric shapes. This scheme blends like a perfect puzzle that allows to show the structured thinking behind every action of the company. The color balance displays the two faces of Germán Morales: the past that speaks with authority, in contrast with an eye on the bright future.

The illustrations were made to complete all the axioms, that is why we included the animals that Germán Morales helps to preserve as a sustainable company.


DISCIPLINES: Brand Identity / Concept development / Illustration 

DIRECTION: Pablo Méndez

CREATIVE DIRECTION: Daniela Castiblanco


ILLUSTRATION: Leopoldo Garavito

WRITING: Alejandra Garavito

YEAR: 2018