Espacio xyz

Brand identity / Concept development

Brand identity for the first edition of XYZ, which featured the line-up of the DEKMANTEL festival, one of the most important electronic music festivals of the moment. We complemented it with a proposal of including regional talent, resulting in a cultural exchange.


For the logo construction, we took the three-dimensionality and axis of the activities carried out within the festival as a base, we also developed a system that allowed us to break down those activities and sort them like so: (X) Events, (Y) Workshops, and (Z) Culture.



DISCIPLINES: Branding Identity

DIRECTION: Pablo Méndez & Daniela Castiblanco

DESIGN: Daniela Castiblanco

STRATEGY: Alejandra Garavito

TYPE DESIGN: Pablo Méndez

WRITING: Alejandra Garavito

YEAR: 2018