Espacio Verat

Brand Identity / Concept development


Brand identity for the platform that wants to unify different kinds of events under one simple idea: All good times must be celebrated and each celebration is unique.


Of the things that are worthwhile in life, are those important moments that remain forever in the memory of people. That sum of events fills the past with good stories and the future with hope and emotion.

A series of variants emerge from the main logo which refers to adaptability, one of the essential characteristics of the project. Geometry as a representation of space shows us the different perspectives with which the same situation can be perceived. 

Graphic development is based on the construction of a versatile system reinforced with elements such as color. The main use of the digital channel to connect with its multiple audiences makes the use of unique and memorable fonts indispensable.


Disciplines: Brand Identity / Concept development 

DIRECTION: Daniela Castiblanco


WRITER: Alejandra Garavito

YEAR: 2019

CONTACT  (+51) 300 3184016 - - Bogotá, COL