Second Piel

Brand Identity / Concept development / Naming

Brand identity and concept for Second Piel. It's a clothing brand focused on developing pieces that make women feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident at the same time.


Insight: The term "real beauty" is starting to emerge in opposition to the typical beauty standards marketed by the fashion world. And that is why the concept of "real woman" describes any type of feminine beauty that does not force itself to be something it is not. But on the contrary, it seeks to highlight the best of itself, regardless of its color, size, or way of being. Real women are self-confident, who seek to highlight their natural charms. And therefore they demand brands that make them who they really are.

We developed a Brand Identity system starting with a custom type logo thinking about strong and softy forms. As well as we want to show both sides of a confident woman. The system is about different contrast colors that help to complete the impact to show the products. The juxtapoz with text and photo is a key to enforce the message to shout self-love, respect, and beauty. 


Disciplines: Brand Identity / Concept development / Naming

DIRECTION: Pablo Méndez

DESIGN: Daniela Castiblanco

WRITER: Alejandra Garavito

TYPE: Pablo Méndez


YEAR: 2019

CONTACT  (+51) 300 3184016 - - Bogotá, COL