Identity design / Concept development / Production

Identity, web and mobile UI design for FRITO an independent media project meant to create content about Latin American food capable of being impactful, responsible and inspiring.


Insight: FRITO is an organization with the purpose of developing and producing gastronomic content on  the internet that positively affects and generates forceful change actions.

For this project, we created the identity and concept for Frito to use in different digital platforms such as social media and their web page for both mobile and desktop versions. This process involved the creation of the custom type logo, the tone of voice and a graphic system that carries the brand beliefs.

Disciplines: Identity design / Concept development / Production

DESIGN DIRECTOR: Daniela Castiblanco

TYPE DESIGN: Pablo Méndez

PROJECT MANAGER: Daniela Alvarado

PHOTOGRAPHY: Alejandro Osses

MOTION:  Lucía Méndez

YEAR: 2021

CONTACT  (+51) 300 3184016 - - Bogotá, COL