Eater NY

Art direction / Concept development / Production

Art direction, concept, and production for EATER one of the biggest food and dining networks in the world.


They ask about how to show the best Colombian fruits, so we start thinking that they are our national treasures because in other countries, even if they are located in South America won't have the same variety, so we have to expose them as a piece of national jewelry exalting by the neutral and minimal designed backgrounds always looking at having the attention on the fruits as a central object.

We carefully choose the texture, colors, and elements to enforce the idea of a master piece, we build sets full of sophistication, luxury, and an especial aesthetic full of reflects and shine.

The geometry is so important on this project we looked about making some anomalies to give more direction to the eye when the observer looks at, complemented by the different neutral materials, as transparent scenarios creating an in out atmosphere and reflections with the mirror cube.


Disciplines: Art direction / Concept development / Production

ART DIRECTION:  Daniela Castiblanco

PHOTOGRAPHER: Alejandro Oses

YEAR: 2019

CONTACT  (+51) 300 3184016 - - Bogotá, COL